Trivor Software

We are a company with an entrepreneurial sense of ownership at its core

Who We Are

We are a community of engineers passionate about crafting impactful solutions to transform the business of our client.

About Us

Trivor was established in 1997 by engineers with a passion to use computers for solving engineering problems. Over the years, as it has diversified itself into other industries, engineering software development has remained a major focus area at Trivor. We are now leveraging the expertise acquired from other industries to create more sophisticated engineering solutions.

Trivor’s engineering development operations were acquired by Bentley Systems in 2007 and converted into one of its offshore development centers. Trivor’s remaining team continued to expand and execute projects in 3D games development, animation, mobile development, and cloud computing for the entertainment, financial, and healthcare sectors.

Since its inception, Trivor has established itself as a leading software outsourcing company in the region because of its technical excellence and culture. Its work environment and culture have made Trivor one of the most sought-after companies for both engineering and computer science talent.


Trivor was formed by Ovais Ashraf after spending over 15 years in the US working for several software companies.  During his career in the US, he was involved in development of several commercial software for engineers. These products are now marketed by Bentley Systems and have become leading products in their respective markets.

In 1997, he established Trivor in Islamabad as an outsourcing company specializing in engineering software.  He used his experience in the US to create a company culture that is keenly aware of the expectations of its global clients. This understanding and alignment with its client’s culture and values are instrumental in the success of its partnerships.

After the Bentley System acquisition, Ovais worked on Bentley’s Cloud offerings and later joined its User Success team where he advised Bentley’s clients on their digital transformation strategy.  Working closely with some of the biggest global EPC companies, he has gained deep insight into all phases of project delivery.  And working with major Owners/Operators, he understands the needs and opportunities to improve operations of large engineered assets.

Ovais has now rejoined Trivor and is using his software and industry experience to expand Trivor’s capabilities.

Ovais holds an MS degree in structural engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, with specialization in finite elements, computation, and computer applications in engineering.