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We help businesses overcome challenges of product innovation as well as reduce the time of development.

CAD and Engineering Applications

Engineering software development is a key core competency at Trivor. To meet the requirements of this sector, Trivor not only has expertise in the latest software technologies but also knowledge of CAD platforms, engineering codes and standards, and workflows in the engineering sector. Trivor has delivered several commercial software products developed on CAD platforms from Autodesk and Bentley Systems. For more computationally intensive design, Trivor has worked on the development of sophisticated software products for structural and finite element analysis and fluid mechanics.

Visualization and 3D Graphics

3D graphics and visualization are at the heart of all modern engineering software. They are also used to determine the success or failure of any desktop engineering application. We at Trivor are experts in developing 3D mobile and VR/AR graphics applications on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, with our vast experience of working on commercial applications with sophisticated 3D graphic capabilities including 3D computer game engines.  Using this expertise, Trivor can create highly immersive, interactive virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality solutions to support your engineering and operations workflows. For 3D effects, an ideal integration of smart logic, effective coding, classic graphics, and animation are entailed for a more exceptional user experience. Trivor is a foremost offshore software development company where global clients can hire us for 3D graphics application development at their convenience. We provide a full spectrum of custom 3D application services from 3D concept development to complex 3D design projects.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins is becoming an important tool for infrastructure professionals because of its potential to improve the design to visually enhance collaboration and increase asset reliability and performance.  It can be considered as the backbone of infrastructure decision-making as it provides up-to-date information about your projects, operations of a facility, status, and the risks associated with it. Bentley Systems’ iTwin is a public domain platform for creating, accessing, leveraging, and integrating infrastructure digital twins. Using its public domain SDK, companies are combining engineering data, real data, and IoT data and creating solutions to get a deeper understanding of their infrastructure. We are proud to be one of the few outsourcing companies specializing in developing solutions on the iTwin platform using its iTwin.js API. Using our engineering experience, visualization, and 3D development expertise, we can create bespoke extensions and solutions on the iTwins.js platform to meet the needs of your unique workflows and processes.

Cloud Solution

As computing moves to exploit the power of cloud solutions, the demand for expertise in developing Cloud-based solutions has outstripped the availability of professionals who can deliver such solutions. Our team of frontend and backend developers has years of experience in delivering cloud solutions on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure using popular technologies such as Node.js, JavaScript, React, AngularJS and Vue.js. Whether you are looking to leverage Cloud for your current solution, develop a new Cloud-based solution, or looking to augment your team to scale your growth, Trivor can support your end-to-end needs from design to deployment and DevOps required to ensure the success of your solution.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are no longer just about alluring designs or robust architectures. Mobile technology nowadays is about delivering interactive experiences at each step of every business journey. We create cross-platform mobile experiences to help you better reach your customers. We are experts at building reliable, responsive, and innovative applications for web, mobile, and more. We believe in a quality-focussed approach that aims to build reliable and secure applications that are built to last. We will prioritize common user journeys and reduce clicks, to build the best experiences for your users. Our engineers keep up with all the latest advances in data protection and application security, and it shows in our work. Our clients are involved in the project from its inception to delivery.

Testing and Quality Assurance

A strong quality team is essential to the success of any software project. The strength of our quality team comes from domain experts who have the same background as your users. At Trivor, we hire industry practitioners and train them in the latest testing methodologies and frameworks, Combined with their industry knowledge, they create a quality plan to ensure your users can achieve their outcomes with ease and confidence.