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Engineering (A/E/C)

Since its inception, engineering software has been a major focus area for Trivor. Over the last 20 years, it has successfully delivered world-class software products that are being used by top ENR and Fortune 500 companies around the world. As the outsourcing world focuses on expanding to cater to financial, healthcare, and other industries, Trivor is one of the few outsourcing companies where engineering software is still a major focus sector and hence an ideal match for companies looking for an outsourcing partner in this space.


Trivor’s clients in the financial sector include large corporate banks and financial services offered by mobile companies. Working as an offshore partner of Visa International, Trivor expanded the capabilities of Visa’s mobile finance software to meet the specialized requirements of its clients. For its banking clients, Trivor developed bespoke solutions to automate complex workflows and integrate different corporate systems. Trivor is also developing its mobile finance solution to facilitate mobile e-commerce for businesses. The solution contains both frontend apps on Android and iOS and backend Cloud servers for data management, reporting, and analytics modules for the back office.


Healthcare is another major focus area for Trivor, partnering with clients in the US to develop HIPAA compliant mobile solutions for doctor-patient management and patient record management. The solution contains both frontend apps on Android and iOS for doctors and patients and backend Cloud servers for data management and reporting modules for the doctors. Along with healthcare industry growth, there's also a significant increase in the necessity of complex solutions integration that allows making the same amount of processes faster and easier.

Games and Animation

Using its expertise in 3D graphics engines, Trivor extended Unreal engine to meet special requirements of its own and client’s games.We are a 3D animation company with senior experts on board. Our 3D animation artists create characters, environments, and props for a wide range of game genres. To support game development, Trivor created a separate games division with a team of programmers and content creators to develop game characters and props. This team also partners with international clients to create game and animation content.