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About Our Engineering Software

Since its inception, engineering software has been a major focus area for Trivor. Over the last 20 years, Trivor has delivered world-class software products that are being used by top ENR and Fortune 500 companies around the world.  

As the outsourcing world focuses on expanding to cater to financial, healthcare, and other industries, Trivor is one of the few outsourcing companies where engineering software is still a major focus sector and hence an ideal match for companies looking for an outsourcing partner in this space.

Whether you are a vendor of commercial engineering software, CAD software integrator, design consultant, or contractor looking to digitize your workflows, or owner/operator of an engineered asset looking to improve your operations, Trivor has the domain and software expertise to understand your complex engineering requirements and convert them into easy to use solutions.  

Our vision and experience set Trivor apart from other software outsourcing companies as its team of engineers and software experts are uniquely qualified to take on the complexity of software required in the engineering profession.

Our team of engineers takes away the hassle of communicating complex engineering workflows to software professionals. As former practitioners in the AEC companies themselves, they understand the deliverables your users are expected to create in their projects. They can work with your team to refine requirements and the design and then work with our software team to make sure these complex workflows are successfully implemented and the software delivers the desired outcomes.

Trivor’s team of computer experts is supported by a team of engineering professionals trained in the latest software testing methodologies to ensure that software produces deliverables to meet quality standards in engineering projects. 

From complex engineering calculations to elaborate drawing standards, our team of mechanical, civil, and related engineering professionals will create a quality plan which will make sure that your users are delivered the quality product they expect. These engineers also help create engineering content, libraries according to different engineering standards (US, EU, ANZ) to simplify the daily tasks of your users.

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Digital Transformation

Engineering companies are in the midst of a massive digital transformation drive to improve efficiencies and save costs. By connecting disparate organizational information systems with engineering information, companies can make better-informed decisions. Use Trivor’s experience for last-mile solutions for connecting engineering information with your corporate systems.

Trivor will help you reduce time and cost spent in manually collecting field data during construction and operations is a major part of any digital transformation plan. It’s mobile development expertise will enable your field crew to collect field data and images using handheld devices and bring this engineering data instantaneously into your corporate systems making it available to the project teams in the back office for timely decision making.

Software developed at Trivor is being used in all different lifecycle phases of major infrastructure projects in the built environment, transportation, water, oil & gas, process, and energy industries around the world.

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Visualization and 3D Graphics

3D graphics and visualization are at the heart of all modern engineering software. They are also used to determine the success or failure of any desktop engineering application. We at Trivor are experts in developing 3D mobile and VR/AR graphics applications on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms, with our vast experience of working on commercial applications with sophisticated 3D graphic capabilities including 3D computer game engines. 

Using this expertise, Trivor can create highly immersive, interactive virtual reality/augmented reality/mixed reality solutions to support your engineering and operations workflows. For 3D effects, an ideal integration of smart logic, effective coding, classic graphics, and animation are entailed for a more exceptional user experience.

Trivor is a foremost offshore software development company where global clients can hire us for 3D graphics application development at their convenience. We provide a full spectrum of custom 3D application services from 3D concept development to complex 3D design projects.

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Digital Twins

Digital Twins is becoming an important tool for infrastructure professionals because of its potential to improve the design to visually enhance collaboration and increase asset reliability and performance. 

It can be considered as the backbone of infrastructure decision-making as it provides up-to-date information about your projects, operations of a facility, status, and the risks associated with it.

Bentley Systems’ iTwin is a public domain platform for creating, accessing, leveraging, and integrating infrastructure digital twins. Using its public domain SDK, companies are combining engineering data, real data, and IoT data and creating solutions to get a deeper understanding of their infrastructure.

We are proud to be one of the few outsourcing companies specializing in developing solutions on the iTwin platform using its iTwin.js API. Using our engineering experience, visualization, and 3D development expertise, we can create bespoke extensions and solutions on the iTwins.js platform to meet the needs of your unique workflows and processes.