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Trivor Software

We create applications with our innovative approach towards software development services.

Who We Are

Trivor is an outsourcing company that has partnered with leading software companies around the world to deliver best in class commercial software products for its clients.  

Working with some of the biggest companies around the globe, Trivor has deep knowledge of the requirements of the industries it serves. With its proven track record of delivering quality software, Trivor is an ideal offshore partner for your software projects.


Our Services

CAD and Engineering Applications

Engineering software development is a core service of Trivor. Trivor has expertise in latest software technologies to meet the requirements of this sector.

Visualization and 3D Graphics

3D graphics and visualization are at the heart of all modern engineering software. Trivor has created commercial applications with sophisticated 3D graphics and visualization.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins has become a useful tool for infrastructure professionals because of its potential to improve the design, increase asset reliability, and performance.

Cloud Solution

As computing moves to exploit the power of cloud solutions, the demand for expertise in developing Cloud-based solutions has outstripped the availability of professionals.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are no longer just about alluring designs or robust architectures. Mobile technology nowadays is about delivering interactive experiences.

Testing and Quality Assurance

A strong quality team is essential for the success of any project. The strength of our quality team comes from domain experts who have the same background as your users.

Engineering Software - Digital Twins

Digital Twins is becoming an important tool for infrastructure professionals because of its potential to improve the design to visually enhance collaboration and increase asset reliability and performance. 


We are proud to be one of the few  companies specializing in development of digital twin solutions. Using our engineering experience, visualization, and 3D development expertise, we can create bespoke extensions and solutions on the iTwins.js platform to meet the needs of your unique workflows and processes.


Our Clients

Our efforts and finest services have been recognized by many reputable corporations around the world. We have successfully developed exceptional IT solutions for companies based in the USA, Middle East, and South Africa.