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Trivor’s business model is based on a close and somewhat exclusive relationship with our clients in which we provide a full turnkey development operation to a client based on their requirements.  Trivor assumes full cost of setting up the operation with no initial investment from the client.  We work with one or two clients at a time to create a fully functional dedicated bespoke development center for them which operates as an extension of their own team by adopting their processes and workflows.  We believe that unless everyone on a team is fully integrated and following the same process, success of remote team is difficult to guarantee.

Trivor’s management has worked in the US for many years for companies that develop software products and therefore has a good understanding of the quality requirements, work processes and outcome expectations of a global company.   At the same time, operating as an offshore development center for almost 20 years, Trivor understands how to attract and manage offshore talent.  Trivor is considered one of the leading software companies in Islamabad to work for and a preferred employer by many graduates of top computer science universities in Islamabad